Storms on the Seven Seas

Week 10

I think some things happened

Sorry all but it looks like I have lost my notes from last week. From what I can remember:

  • Bartender didn’t seem to know anything about anyone.
  • Della hit on some dude at the bar and got him to mention a friend who had escaped from what sounded like the same pirates, but he was already asleep.
  • Harbormaster will keep an eye out for our ship, but none with Black Sails have docked there for a while
  • Food and Drink were bargained for, and Zed played his way into some comped meals.
  • We had decided to head back to Tho Mai’s house to see if there was any news from there, and maybe to hire a ship to go track down the kidnappers.
  • On our way back to some horses we got Mugged by dude’s with shadows for faces.
  • The Av’s lost in a shootout (har har)
  • We promptly kicked those shadowy faces, or at least mostly kicked them (we were in the middle of the fight when we ended)

I’ll make sure to take my notes online again this week so they get backed up. My bad!


FuManchuDrew Kew

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