Storms on the Seven Seas

Week mumblemumble

A quick reminder of some main points

Ok in order to get this out in time for a recap before tonight (hopefully) this is going to be quick and dirty without much flair, and be more of an important bits reminder than a true recap. After tonight though I promise my writeups will get back on track.

Our Current Situation:

On the Harpy’s Call directly after a duel between Draco and a guy named Steve. Duel is to get the reward price down to 3g/head of pirates, the house Ari is contracting the HC to go fight some pirates and get his mom back.

Stuff to remember that is probably important:

We got a ransom note from the pirates saying to bring 100,000 GP to Breakers Point at midnight of the full moon, do not contact the empire, two servants and no weapons in a row boat can approach from the south, Lady Ari will be returned unharmed once gold is verified.

We don’t really know how long it is until a full moon, might be a bit important to ask this?

Breaker’s Point is the same place that the lighthouse was with apparent undead coming back to life and robbing people. It is about a full day and night’s travel away from us currently.

The ransom note smelled faintly of cherries, not sure if that mattered. It also had the same purply black dot that the cloth that I grabbed from the dudes that jumped us had. If you hold them back to back over a light it is like an anti-eclipse, definitely necromantic magic.

Thia remembers an independent prison city that had the symbol of the black sun, and the prison city that Draco grew up in was called Dark Star, may have been related, obsidian production might be involved? Also not sure if Draco made this connection or not. I think I remember a failed check.

Zed has a set of the dark clothing from the guys that jumped us, I have a cloth strip with a purply black dot, might be useful.

For some less vital, but maybe useful things:

Zed might have a cat friend he gave some jerky to. I can’t remember if the cat actually followed him or not. Also he was getting an instrument maker named Sionius to make some Dragongut strings for him, they are going to take about a month until they are ready.

Della is getting a small man/horse statuette-ette (it’s very small) whittled. I have zero recollection as to why. Just the creepy drawings on the play mat.

I also had a note to give Arlo 358 exp from a few weeks ago, not sure if we ever did that.


FuManchuDrew Kew

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