The glory of the Empire of Rhye is in its twilight. The greatest days of the Empire’s peace, stability and conquest are long in the past. The borders have shrunk, the territories are fracturing, and corruption is rife throughout the realm. Bandits, marauders and worse plunder with increasing boldness on the seven seas and along the frontiers. Cults long banished or forgotten are awakening, planting dark seeds wherever they spring up. An aging Emperor struggles to maintain his seat, while countless nobles greedily eye the Alabaster Throne. Worse yet, storms of an intensity not seen for generations lash the seven seas of Rhye with ever increasing frequency. The entire Empire seems poised on the edge of chaos.

The edge of chaos, however, is where adventurers thrive…

Welcome to FRACAS’s new 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign! Set roughly a century and a half prior to our 4th edition campaign in and around the coastal areas of Matt Workman’s homebrew world of Rhye, adventurers will have mysteries to solve, foes to defeat, dungeons to delve and lands to explore!

Storms on the Seven Seas

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