Storms on the Seven Seas

A Rocky Situation

Four Weeks, Three Ships, Two factions and One Disappearing Wizard.

A Rocky Situation

OR: Four Weeks, Three Ships, Two factions and One Disappearing Wizard.

Last time we met Our Heroes has just encountered some new faces and said goodbye to old friends, there was captain identity confusion and much rejoicing after the pirate ship in the bay had been taken out. As night fell the party headed towards the remaining two pirate ships, after sending a message to The Harpy’s Call to meet them in battle at midnight.

As they approached each member was doing their own thing on the boat, Zed was outfitting Niko in a getup befitting a captain, Aken was setting up oil barrels near the ballistas to light things on fire with, Thia was actually steering the ship (being the only one with prior sailing knowledge) and Roselyn was practicing her sweet moves.

Once they were close to Breakers Point Roselyn alerted the crew to what looked like a lightning storm just over the horizon, which turned out to be the battle already underway. The two farthest ships were the Harpy’s Call and one of the pirate ships, with the second pirate ship in between us and the main battle. Although it looked like most of the pirates had joined in on the battle there were still a few to be dealt with on board the near ship, which was closing fast.

With the distance closing between the ships the party noticed some sort of bright light heading their way, which Aken jealously recognized as a Fireball. The Pirate’s were using Our Heroes tricks against them! As this happened Zed noticed the orb in his pocket starting to vibrate. Always polite, Zed answered and had a short conversation with what appeared to be two wizards that may have been less than sane. After yelling at one of them Zed convinced them to end the call.

Both ships opened fire (quite literally), and after dousing the ship with unlit skins of oil the third shot from the party’s commandeered pirate ship was a flaming arrow to light the enemy ship on fire. Once it was nice and toasty Zed took a called shot at the large stack of oil barrels on their ship, nailed it, and blew the everloving smithereens out of the back of their ship. This knocked out their steering and caused their ship to generally be in really bad shape, and as it burned and someone onboard laughed Roselyn scored one last hit, splitting the ship in half with the ballista.

As they moved away Zed couldn’t resist one last orb call to taunt the now sinking wizard, but all he sees is the surface of the ocean getting farther and farther away. Everyone was very sure that wizard totally wouldn’t come back to haunt them later.

Closing with the other ships the party sees that the Harpy’s Call is smashed up on the rocks, but the other ship isn’t in much better condition. Both crews are mixed over both decks, so Our Heroes general ship combat tactics of shooting things until they are on fire wasn’t exactly a viable plan this time.

Instead, there was a very large fight involving many people in which many epic things happened. As the fight was just about over, Tho Mai mentioned that he wondered where the other wizard went, and then promptly went into the captains quarters and took a nap, leaving everyone else to deal with the rest of the enemy crew and whatever that cackling thing was that was floating over the water approaching at high speed.

After a bit of back and forth damage slinging, Thia threw a shield/wall made of ice up to block the wizard’s path and Niko hit him with a shatter for an unknown amount of damage. After the ice wall fell the wizard was nowhere to be seen. Again, Our Heroes figured that was the end of him and everything would surely be fine. Bongo checked the other wizard, who was lying dead on the ship, and found a matching Orb to Zed’s if the party can ever figure out how to use them. Aken made a few medicine checks to make sure the wizard was actually dead, and as his body was pushed over the side the battle was officially over.

After a nights long rest on the rocks, with watchers on all three ships, it is decided (with a bit of nudging from Halvard) to head back to Thimenster where he can hire people to go salvage the Harpy’s Call. After having sorted out both the kidnapping of Lady Ari and the Ghost Pirate problem, Our Heroes were looking forward to a calm relaxing cruise down the coast. Would that happen, or would they get sidetracked by some sort of short but exciting quest filled with intrigue and danger? My money is on the latter!


I thought this said “Disappearing Lizard” and could not figure out how I’d missed that.

Thanks for writing this up Ken!

A Rocky Situation
FuManchuDrew Kew

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