Storms on the Seven Seas

Week 2: The Mysterious Foggy Caves of Mystery!

OR: How distracting can one song and one person’s terrible handwriting truly be?

OR: How distracting can one song and one person’s terrible handwriting truly be?

After the exciting end of last week’s adventure Our Hero’s found themselves on the deck of the Golden Hyacinth looking over the aftermath of the fight. On second look, some of the crew members were only mostly dead, and were able to be brought back with some successful medicine checks. While Akenara the Dwarf was going about mending the wounded, the Half Elf sorcerer is busy wandering around the deck yelling for Ron (more like ROOOOOON), which is apparently the name of the crewmember formerly knows as Third Eye. The group learned that the ship was attacked almost immediately after the away team left to explore the island, almost as if the ship (which had just rammed into the island at full speed) was being watched from the shadows! Of fog! Shadogs? Fogdows? Either way, something is definitely out there!

Out of the very same fog a voice was heard responding to the sorcerer’s calls, but who could it be? Ron, or some other Unknown Threat? It was Ron. Sorry Mr. U.T. but you will have to wait for another time. The group helped Ron get back via some yelling, some really loud yelling, and some flares made from fire bolt cantrips. Ron, who was in fairly bad shape, told his story of being captured by the lizardmen, being taken to a cave mouth where he heard more of the hissing “language” and then escaping after a failed distraction attempt.

About this time a strange fugue state overcame Our Adventurers; mostly pertaining to a specific maiden with an alcohol-inspired name, and the relative merits of how said maiden would perform as a lifelong companion. After much discussion, mostly between Draco the Dragonborn fighter and an ominous voice from the clouds, it was decided that she would perform admirably at this task.

The group discovered that Ron “Third Eye” Blackwood is in fact the first mate of the Golden Hyacinth, and a fairly adept Ranger as well. While the debate about the alcohol-named maiden is ongoing (much to the Monk’s dismay) the group took a short rest and those that needed it recovered a small, but not insignificant amount of health. According to Ron the lizardmen use cairns to navigate through the fog, so it sounds like that isn’t going to clear up any time soon. After a bit of persuasion Ron decided to show us the way back to the cave, and after attaching a rope to every member of the group the surely epic Journey to the Cave of Lizardmen was started.

Our Heros promptly arrived at the Cave of Lizardmen with no incident, besides being met by Della the elven Ranger, who must have slept in on the ship or something. That seems to happen a lot. The group started to approach the cave and after much cautious stealthing and smelling, the inside was found to be fairly, well, cavelike. While the rest of the group was cautiously exploring the cave, as would seem prudent, Draco the Fighter got bored. When Fighters get bored they start barging into rooms, and sometimes those rooms are full of angry lizardmen that want to put a sword through you because you may or may not be invading their home. In this case that was exactly what the group was doing, so a fight broke out.

The fight started off for Our Heros, with frost breaths, shocking grasps, sacred flames and mouth-piercing arrows being flung around generally causing the lizard men to have very bad days. The lizardmen were giving some back as well, with one eventually taking out Draco with an arrow, but thanks to some (awesome) healing he was soon back on his feet. For a bit at least.The last lizardman seemed to be very agile, because the group spent the next few turns missing him quite badly. Once he was finally taken down there was looting to be done. A small bit of cash and a cask of very fine wine (claimed by Della) later Our Heros decided to venture further into the cave to see what mysteries it held.

Or Lizardmen, the cave could also hold more lizard men. Did, in fact, hold more lizardmen. This time of the fancy variety. After some dispute about the legibility of some of what could only be called cave art that may or may not have been related to the order of who went when during the fight, and a quick food break (which quickly devolved into a repeat discussion of a certain maiden’s marriage acumen), shit got real. During this fight, after being scarred by getting knocked out in the earlier skirmish Draco (who may or may not specialize in defence) decided he would lead from the rear of the group, and not dare go past the very narrow doorway under any circumstances.

After a lengthy battle that saw the groups Monk, Ranger and the First Mate of the ship all go down the human sorcerer Niko La Tes finally remembered he had Magic Missile (which hits automatically) and promptly killed the last Lizardman. The group, in desperate need of a long rest, then spent a while debating the nature of tides and caves, specifically if tides tended to fill certain caves with water when they rose. It was decided the best course of action would be to build hammocks from all of the crates, cloth bits, and various other sundry items that were scattered in the cave. Then, when someone pointed out that all of those things wouldn’t be there if the water rose that high the hammock idea was, unfortunately, abandoned.

The long rest passed uneventfully besides the previously looted potin being identified as being of the healing variety, and that is where this week’s adventure came to an end. Next Week: Are there more Lizards in this cave? Possibly behind the newly found door that totally didn’t just appear out of nowhere? Will our Fighter learn what his Shield is actually for? Will our Sorcerers remember what spells they have prepared before the very last second when death appears inevitable? Stay Tuned to find out!


This is quite the excellent re-cap. Thanks for writing it all up, Ken!


The maiden in question did appear to be a fine lass, and were it not for the tendency of sailors to become wed to the sea, no doubt would have made a fine spouse for one of them.

The biggest question tonight is: will the DM remain sober enough to remember things like doors that were totally there all along?

FuManchuDrew Kew

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