Storms on the Seven Seas

Bridges, Capstans, and a World of Goo!

OR: An Empirical Study In Stealthy Cave Movement Utilizing Illusions

Bridges, Capstans, and a World of Goo!

OR: An Empirical Study In Stealthy Cave Movement Utilizing Illusions

Last time our dashing adventurers had come across a damsel in distress, and quickly followed some kid (and dad)nappers into some secretive caves. After a fair bit of spelunking they came across an ominously cut bridge! Intrigue!

As Our Heroes crossed the bridge, they noticed it was possible that the bridge has just eroded, and had not been cut by some nefarious ne’er-do-wells. On the other side there was a somewhat larger cave, with a cave in on the opposite wall. Leading out towards the giant boulder that was blocking the entrance was a chain connected to a capstan which could be used to open it, or at least that is what the party assumed.

There was also a fairly large amount of evidence that some creatures had been here on this path, with a good deal of discarded scraps, refuse, and footprints. Bondo recognized some of the footprints as belonging to Gnolls (which he then explains to Gunnar using the phrase “our brains are the size of friendship!”) Trolls, and a few smaller Trolls. The group decided to head down the tunnel in search of the kidnapped family.

Bongo started popping up a minor illusion in front of the group, so that no one would see them coming. The fact that they wouldn’t be able to see anyone they might run into was promptly ignored. After a few twists and turns the group came upon some magical darkness. After investigating it with a thrown rock and an axe stuck inside and waved around a bit, Bongo detected magic and felt some conjuration vibes coming off of it, like from a portal or dimension door.

Our Brave Heroes decide that traveling to other planes of existence wasn’t in the agreement with the maiden, so they quickly decided to try one of the other branches of the cave system. Finding a path that ended abruptly with a non-natural wall (i.e. sloppily constructed bricks) Gunnar and Aken did the prudent thing and just straight pushed it down. Who needs brains when you have brawn!

The fact that the cave floor and walls are now suspiciously clean doesn’t seem to deter the party much, although at this point the thought did occur to them that the gnolls probably didn’t have enough time to brick up their path after taking the kidnappers into the caves. They did find a nice, natural fissure that seemed to have quite a few dead bodies / skeletons / general remains at the bottom, but since time was ticking away they decided that the hole in the ground wasn’t going anywhere and to head back.

While Thia was up front being all stealthy she suddenly signaled everyone to stop, as she felt like she just got some sort of acidic jelly on her face. Everyone freezes, and then realizes they are face to plane with a Gelatinous Cube! After a few attacks, and a flaming sphere spawned in the middle of it, Gunnar decided it would be a good idea to light the ground on fire. The cube then slid right over it, putting it out on its way to absorbing Aken into its acidic body. Bongo, who was riding on Aken’s shoulders for unknown reasons, was able to hop off just in time and land a few more shots against it, and Thia was able to finish it off with some fiery punches. While Aken could now breathe again, he was quite covered in some really sticky goo. But there was treasure to be had!

With the Goo defeated, and the hostages apparently forgotten again, Our Heroes went back towards the pit that they now knew to be the waste bin of the cube. While Aken lowered Gunnar down on a rope, Thia just jumped straight down since she is a monk, and can do cool stuff like that. Their spoils? Some bolts, a few pricey gems, and a bag full of beans! That are apparently magic!

With the Goo defeated will the party continue the search for the kidnapped Lum family? Will they bravely explore what is beyond the dimension door? Will there be any more wonton destruction of someone else’s walls that were probably a lot of work to put up? Find out next time!


FuManchuDrew Kew

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