Storms on the Seven Seas

Last Time! In Group B’s adventure in Kobolds and Caves!

OR: Maiden making mischief mayhaps?

Whew Its been a while since I’ve done one of these. Over 2 months if I am reading the date-stamps on my Google Drive correctly! Since I’m no longer using the time I had blocked out for this trying to come up with creative ways to kill you all, and work is finally calming down after being insane for the past three weeks or so, I should be able to start getting these up on a regular basis again. I’m still working on the writeup for my sessions as DM, turns out these are a lot easier to do with some form of notes. Also Group A, or 1, or whatever you all are in Matt’s game, someone should totally do some form of writeup for y’all’s session so we can follow along there as well! Anyway, on to the writeup!

Last Time! In Group B’s adventure in Kobolds and Caves!
OR: Maiden making mischief mayhaps?

After some general greetings between the crews after their fun with Werewolves (and an intimate study of the ship’s deck in Aken’s case) Tho Mai got a note from an Uncle in the nearby area inviting him and his companions to a dinner. Some of the crew quickly decided to join, because the last fancy dinner they went to ended so well! Of those that decided to join Tho were Thia – intrigued by the legends of the libraries of the House of Ari, Gunnar – who is always in for a party and revelry, Bongo – following the advice of “Captain” Niko to help those who need it, and to be a brother for Tho when Niko is otherwise occupied, and Akenara – who has just about had his fill of boats for the time being.

They all set out on a carriage and Gunnar and Aken got acquainted via Gunnar’s patented 5 (or is it 6?) questions. After the sharing of some various forms of alcohol the two seem to have formed a fast bond, while Bongo is his usual cheery, upbeat self and Thia is her usual… well… self. During the journey they came across a maiden in the road who says her carriage was attacked by dog like things and her brother and her father were taken. She told the group her name was Agnus Lum, her father and brother Angus and Agnew respectively. There’s is a very theme oriented family.

Thia and Gunnar snuck off to go scouting while Bongo and Aken stayed at the cart. Bongo believed the “dog like” men to be gnolls. After some well-timed flatulence from Gunnar the two scouts found the upturned carriage and confirmed the destruction was as the maiden said. One can never be too careful when finding random damsels in distress along the road.

After going back and getting the rest of the group Thia found some tracks leading to a nearby cave, and the group decided to leave the maiden with the capable looking driver and go to find to where the males of the family had been carried off. The tracks led to a cliff wall with a quite sizable boulder in front of it. There was also a small path to the side that Thia found that had a hidden entrance covered by a bush. While Bongo and Gunnar discussed the merits and possibilities of a shink/grow spell Thia took Aken the side cave, where there were some interesting items.

Inside was a handful of black cauldron / urns. in the back, a pool of water which seemed fairly fresh. After calling over the other two Gunnar inspected the urns/pots/thingies and found some food residue in the first two, with the third containing the scraps of animals. Knowing where the true delicacies are always hidden Gunnar reached into the Urn with all of the guts and found a gizzard in the which he then promptly ate. He also found a ruby (25gp worth) in the meat vase, but was not very concerned with it. I mean, there were gizzards to be had!

While Gunnar washed himself off in the conveniently placed pool Aken tossed a lit rock down and the group took a look at what was apparently more than just a pool, with a connecting cave system at the bottom of about 10-20 feet of water. Apparently at some point Tho Mai came up to join the group, because at this point Thia knocked him into the pool for some comment he made. Gunnar took the opportunity to get into the (very very cold) water for a nice bath, after being covered in guts due to his earlier upending of one of the Urns.

How exactly to get through this cave, covertly if possible, turned out to be a matter of a fair bit of (totally not inebriated) conversation. Eventually it is decided that the two strongest swimmers (Aken and Gunnar) would tow the two weakest swimmers (Bongo and Tho Mai) while they had upturned urns on their heads for a source of air. Thia, wanting basically nothing to do with everyone else’s crazy ideas, decided to just, you know, swim. Like a normal person. There was also some discussion of mage hand and its uses for signaling. It got very confusing.

Eventually everyone got through the tunnel and emerged on the other side, where it turns out there was absolutely no one waiting. (Insert anti-climactic sad trombone effect here). What there was, was a bridge! Or, more specifically, what was left of one. After an impressive display of athleticism and swimming prowess, that was totally necessary and not at all unneeded, Gunnar brought the remains of the bridge over and Aken mended it to make it whole again.

What will await the group on the other side of the bridge? Possibly Dog Men? Is the “Maiden” robbing them blind while they are off cave-spelunking? What will Gunnar eat next? Find out next time on Group B!


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