Storms on the Seven Seas

The Departure of Old Friends, the Arrival of New.

OR: Shopping and Talking, It’s a regular Teenage Girls Night Out! Now With More Oil!

The Departure of Old Friends, the Arrival of New.

OR: Shopping and Talking, It’s a regular Teenage Girls Night Out! Now With More Oil!

As we last met Our Heroes had just saved (captured) Lady Ari from the clutches of the evil rebel pirates, and commandeered a big old pirate ship of their very own.

As the crew (except for Tho Mai and Aken) sailed into harbor on the longboat of their newly acquired ship, a small gathering had developed on the shore in celebration for the party, having freed the town of their Piratical Menace. Gathered in commemoration were some whores, some general citizens, one little firework went off and someone even threw a small bouquet of flowers! The tavern keeper offered free drinks to the adventurous Heroes, as well as a free place to stay that night.

Among the crowd were a few citizens who, emboldened by the courageous actions of Our Heroes, step up wishing to join the group and help rid the town of the remaining two pirates. Among them were Rosalyn, a tiefling Fighter who had a very high opinion of herself, and Bongo, a gnomish Wizard. Rosalyn pegged Zed as the defacto leader of the group, having seen him spouting tales and songs of their great deeds. Bongo, on the other hand, was convinced that Niko la Tes was in fact the captain, and Niko did absolutely nothing to dissuage him of that opinion. Bongo even arranged to pay Niko 3 Gold Pieces to cover travel expenses on the ship.

While the party was happening on shore, Tho and Aken were busy interrogating the last remaining pirate. He isn’t able to give much information, so Aken insisted that they take the pirate to the on shore authorities, and since they would receive a bounty for him Tho agreed. During the interrogation when Aken wasn’t looking Tho had cut off one of the ears of the Pirate, and on the way to the local jail he kindly washed it out with seawater after dragging him along a bit in the sand.

In the mean time “Captain” Niko took Rosalyn and Bongo shopping to get supplies to prepare them for a long sea voyage. Thia (being an actual sailor) tagged along, purely for entertainment purposes. They arrive at a shop equipped to handle their every need, as long as those needs involved basic seagoing supplies. Niko was actually holding onto the ruse fairly well, until the sextants came out. Barely managing to contain his giggles at every mention of the name of the device, Niko somehow managed to not let his ruse of captain-hood fall. At this point Thia got bored and went off to find Tho and Aken, and bring them up to speed.

After catching up with Tho and Aken, and whacking Tho on the head due to the state of the prisoner, Thia led them to the local jail, where the Pirate is handed over to the authorities and Thia collected the bounty. Thia then lead Tho and Aken back to the main group, and introductions were made with the two newest party members. This naturally lead to what to do next, with Bongo insisting the whole time that he would do whatever Captain Niko said. Aken was just kind of going along with the whole thing (even though he might think the gnome is actually a child), while Tho was very confused as to who this Niko was, and why Patches seemed to have this gnome at his beck and call. While a few discussions are taking place, Aken sent an urchin running to the Harpy’s Call to update them on the situation and tell them to be ready to attack the other Pirates at midnight.

While the discussion of who was captain, who was Patches, and how the ship should be run, Zed snuck off the side to “attend to some business”. Zed then went to talk to the prisoner in the jail, while impersonating one of the pirates and getting all buddy buddy with the prisoner using the note with the mark of the dark star on it.

Eventually the rest of the party decided to head back to the ship to clean it up and sail it to port to claim the rest of the bounties from the other dead pirates. After the ship is brought back to port, Della, Draco and Lady Ari were dropped off at the inn to head out in the next ship towards the elven lands. Many goodbyes were said, Tho and his mom had a bit of a chat as she disembarked, but he was still oblivious as to the new “bond” between his mom and Della.

Once that business was taken care of it was time to form a plan on how to take out the other two Pirate ships, which just happened to be captained by two crazy wizards. Someone purchased a 55 gallon drum of oil and 20 skins, and while its explosive properties were not quite up to what Aken was hoping, Our Heroes still felt it might come in handy to light the ships on fire. Or the water. Or something. One way or another that oil was going to be lit on fire.

Will Our Heroes be able to take out both Pirate ships? Will the Harpy’s Call be able to assist in the fight? What, or who, will be lit on fire? Find out next time!

Also, as an aside, here is the loot breakdown from the last few weeks just to get everyone up to speed on who got what:

Niko got: one really nice sparkly dagger (+1 magical dagger), a map that seems different than the rest of the paperwork, a potion of greater healing,

Tho got: a gem that seems very beautiful, the most beautiful he has ever seen (elemental gem – conjure elemental – air)

Zed got: a coin that is elaborate, more so than any regular minted coin – coin of luck (while on a person gets a +1 to ability checks and saving throws), deck of 27 cards (deck of illusions. throw down a card and a random creature illusion pops up), a fancy pouch of dust (dust of disappearance. Maybe.)

Thia got: a medallion of thoughts (3 charges. can cast detect thoughts spell. It gains 1d3 expended charges at dawn), a potion of firey looking liquid (pot of fire dragonstrength. For 1 hour their str goes up to 25 (max) str), a +1 quarterstaff, 2 scrolls of a magic variety (animal messenger and identify)

Akenara got: a very finely crafted pair of boots (boots of striding and springing. speed becomes 30 ft and speed isn’t reduced when encumbered. can jump 3 times normal distance, but not farther than a normal move would allow)

Bongo got: tosh’s hideous laughter (used a scroll and some of the plundered gold to learn it)

Left over (to be split by everyone, assuming 7 ways)

436 GP (62 each, 2 left over)
200 SP (28 each, 4 left over)
800 CP (114 each, 2 left over)

nice silk cloth – maybe worth something
very fancy chain shirt – chainshirt that appears to have resistance to poison – hanging on to for now, probably to sell later since it is medium armor and apparently no one uses that.


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